Dairy-Free, Nectarine and Coconut Muesli

Hungry? Looking for dairy- free breakfast options? You’ve come to the right place!

Super fun, quick and nutritious breakfast made with fresh nectarine, shredded coconut and almond milk.

This was something I created one morning, with the sun shining outside my kitchen window. I thought to myself, “no, I don’t feel like eggs today, not toast… I’ll utilise these gorgeous, fresh Β and sweet smelling nectarines that we’ve just bought yesterday”. I figured they would pair well with the coconut I had squirrelled away in the kitchen cupboard. What would a great base for these two ingredients be? Muesli, and that’s how this breakfast idea was born!

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Energising Kiwi + Tea Muesli

Are you needing some breakfast inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Are you looking for a healthy, energising muesli recipe? Read on!

I know, you’ve seen “tea” in the title and you’re wondering if and why I would put it in my breakfast, and not simply drink a cup of tea and eat normal muesli. Well for one, how boring would that be, to be normal? And two, this isn’t just any tea, it’s Bluebird TeacoΒ Bears Like Marmalade Tea!

By mixing the acidity and sweetness of Kiwi fruit with the hearty, richer flavours of the marmalade tea, we find a beautiful harmony of flavours and sensations on the tongue! Plus, we all know and love marmalade on toast for breakfast, so why not switch it up, keep your favourite breakfastΒ flavour, but try it in a different dish!

Let’s get cooking!

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Tomato, Egg and Balsamic Breakfast (Shakshuka inspired)

Are you looking for a hearty, warming and healthy breakfast? Look no further.
Discover Emmie’s tasty, Tomato, Egg and Balsamic Breakfast recipe! Learn her connection to the dish, and the way she makes it in her Berlin kitchen.

My first introduction to a Shakshuka dish similar to this tomato and egg breakfast, was when I was 18 and an aupair for a family in Brisbane, Australia…

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