Energising Kiwi + Tea Muesli

Are you needing some breakfast inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Are you looking for a healthy, energising muesli recipe? Read on!

I know, you’ve seen “tea” in the title and you’re wondering if and why I would put it in my breakfast, and not simply drink a cup of tea and eat normal muesli. Well for one, how boring would that be, to be normal? And two, this isn’t just any tea, it’s Bluebird TeacoΒ Bears Like Marmalade Tea!

By mixing the acidity and sweetness of Kiwi fruit with the hearty, richer flavours of the marmalade tea, we find a beautiful harmony of flavours and sensations on the tongue! Plus, we all know and love marmalade on toast for breakfast, so why not switch it up, keep your favourite breakfastΒ flavour, but try it in a different dish!

Let’s get cooking!

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Peach + Crispy Vegetable Salad Bowl

Are you in need of some healthy 5 minute meal inspiration? Tired, and don’t feel like cooking lunch or dinner? I’ve got a nutritious sweet peach and crispy vegetable salad bowl recipe for you! Simple to makeΒ in under 5 minutes.


Flavourful, textured and sweet! Follow and tag @eat.wtih.emmie on Instagram when you make this recipe!

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