Dairy-Free, Nectarine and Coconut Muesli

Hungry? Looking for dairy- free breakfast options? You’ve come to the right place!

Super fun, quick and nutritious breakfast made with fresh nectarine, shredded coconut and almond milk.

This was something I created one morning, with the sun shining outside my kitchen window. I thought to myself, “no, I don’t feel like eggs today, not toast… I’ll utilise these gorgeous, fresh  and sweet smelling nectarines that we’ve just bought yesterday”. I figured they would pair well with the coconut I had squirrelled away in the kitchen cupboard. What would a great base for these two ingredients be? Muesli, and that’s how this breakfast idea was born!

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Healthy Cheesy Pasta!

Let’s enjoy a healthy, cheesy, low-calorie pasta dish!

Do you ever have cravings for creamy, gooey, cheesy pasta, but don’t want to guilt? I have a solution. I’ve created a light pasta dish with fresh tomato, peas and cheese! But there’s a secret ingredient. The super creamy factor, what is it?

Quark. You can also use cottage cheese or low-fat greek yoghurt (but the sourness of yoghurt may not be to everyones taste). Mix this with a packet of french onion soup powder, and you’ve made yourself an extremely flavourful dip or sauce to mix into your pasta! Similar tricks will be featured in my Low-Budget Dinner Party category check that out and stay tuned for more!

Let’s get cooking!


Feeling good after your healthy, cheesy, guilt-free pasta? Enjoy an apple for a guilt-free desert!

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The Easiest, Healthy Burrito Recipe

This is the absolute easiest, healthy burrito recipe you will find. It’s a meal I often prepare for dinner. It’s full of vegetables, its low fat, can be made as vegetarian or vegan and super flavourful!


You might notice the background for my food photography has changed – I’m no longer in my beautiful Berlin apartment, I’ve moved to a lovely house in Melbourne, so welcome to my new (old) kitchen! It’s not been renovated since the 70’s I think. It’s cute.

The first time I made these burritos was one dinner in winter last year and my boyfriend arrived home from work just as they were ready. He was starving and just wanted food, and when I served these to him he straight away said “This is the best thing you’ve ever made, I love you”. Plus a few moans of happiness as he ate.

So, let that be proof enough of how delicious these burritos are! Try making them with the easy recipe below. Your significant others will love you for it! Also a fun dish to make with kiddies, set them up wrapping burritos or spreading cottage cheese on the inside – keeps them busy and helps you get the food made faster!

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Energising Kiwi + Tea Muesli

Are you needing some breakfast inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Are you looking for a healthy, energising muesli recipe? Read on!

I know, you’ve seen “tea” in the title and you’re wondering if and why I would put it in my breakfast, and not simply drink a cup of tea and eat normal muesli. Well for one, how boring would that be, to be normal? And two, this isn’t just any tea, it’s Bluebird Teaco Bears Like Marmalade Tea!

By mixing the acidity and sweetness of Kiwi fruit with the hearty, richer flavours of the marmalade tea, we find a beautiful harmony of flavours and sensations on the tongue! Plus, we all know and love marmalade on toast for breakfast, so why not switch it up, keep your favourite breakfast flavour, but try it in a different dish!

Let’s get cooking!

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Mixed Vegetable + Beef Easy Lunch

Enjoy a quick and easy, healthy vegetable, beef and rice dish for lunch or dinner. Super easy for your weekly meal prep.

This is a fun little dish I created in my Berlin kitchen on one of the first sunny spring days of the season! I was craving some vegetables, and had some beef in the fridge about to expire so I thought I’d cook up a few servings to save for the week ahead!

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I always lay out all my ingredients to make sure I’ve got everything I need!

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Vegan Zucchini Spaghetti with Homemade Tomato Sauce (without Spiral Slicer)

Try out this healthy, low-calorie & gluten-free vegan Zucchini Spaghetti with homemade Tomato Sauce WITHOUT using a Spiral Slicer.

A Spiral Slicer is something we don’t all have in our kitchens, especially if you have no money like me and own zero kitchen utensils/ products – you just use what your housemates have. (I know, “omg the food blogger and recipe developer has no kitchen things” I’m just proving to you that ANYONE can cook delicious and healthy food, with literally nothing). So I decided I’d try and mimic what the spiral slicer does, just by using a sharp knife.

Also like many of you will experience, I have realised I have a small issue with gluten, so pasta dishes are now a little difficult for my little belly to handle. I was fine with gluten until one day, bam… My belly was the size of the moon. Major bloating is never fun, so I thought, I’m going to try zucchini pasta!

So here we go, see below for how I cut my zucchini and how I make my usual Italian inspired, homemade tomato pasta sauce.

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